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Event Cancellation Policy

Should your event be cancelled within 12 days of event a decorating charge will apply of 80%  
of the total invoiced amount.

In the event of a natural disaster, Fire, weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances should you
cancel the event within the 12 days prior to event, the same conditions apply as above.

If orders have already been placed for the event and it exceeds the non-refundable deposit or charges amount, the Client will be billed for the remaining amount.


Should you wish to change the date or postpone your event a 50%  charge of the invoice will apply and deposit will be transferred to the new date. If Ella del is unavailable on the new date this will be taken as a cancelation and same as above will apply.

Service Agreement

Ella del Wedding and Events will agree to arrive promptly at the predetermined time. If the predetermined
time is not possible, Ella del wedding and Events will agree in contacting the client promptly with a new time.

All décor equipment and items will be in excellent condition and professionally decorated in accordance
with the agreed upon item or package reserved.
The Client agrees to have the pre-arranged venue location open and ready for set up. The Client agrees that the set-up area will be free from any articles or items that may inhibit delivery and/or set up of your
decorations or equipment.

Ella del Wedding and Events WILL NOT BE held responsible if these terms are not met and your event
does not start on time. Ella del Wedding and Events agree to return at the pre-designated time to retrieve
all decorating items. In the event that any item is missing or damaged you agree to pay the cost of repair
or replacement. If the Client agreed to book an outdoor set-up, the Client is responsible to have an alternate
location available in the event of inclement weather. If no alternate location is available, the Client agrees and
understands that some or all items may not be available for set up and use.

Ella del Wedding and Events have a great passion and take pride in event decoration  
and in this agree in delivering the best possible service.

Damage, loss or theft

If any severe damage or theft is caused to Ella del equipment or stock during the course of the event the
Client will be held responsible for covering the cost. This does not include fair ware and tare.
If there are damages or missing items the Client will be notified and billed separately
for those items. A final bill for any damage and/or missing equipment will be sent to the Client within
14 days following the event. Payment is due upon receipt

Injury or illness

Ella del wedding and events will not be held responsible for any injury or illness caused during the
set up, pack up or the time of your event. The Ella del wedding and Event team are trained in the decorating service and will not be held responsible for negligence of people in the area of provided services.


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